Used Car Bill of Sale Template & Form

Welcome to our site, as you know that we regularly provide you different templates for various purpose. In this post, we will offer you Bill of sale for the car. It is different from a standard sale invoice. It has the characteristics that make it different from any other invoice. With the help of this Bill of sale for a car, you can create your invoice.

Like all the other invoices it is a legal document that shows the transfer of ownership of the car from the seller to the buyer. It is the only evidence that shows the buyer has bought the car from the seller. In the absence of such document, the transfer of the ownership doesn’t complete. All the required details are mention on the Car bill of sale that proves the transaction. In these types of invoices, the feature of the vehicle is mandatory. It includes the company of the car, model, year of production, engine number, body number, etc.

 Car Bill of Sale

Here we have mentioned some of the essential points that should come in the Bill of sale car. Following is the list of these points:

  • Detail of vehicle information: like all the other invoices it includes the date on which the transaction occurs, it also contains consideration paid to the seller for transferring the ownership.
  • Buyer and seller information: under this heading of Used car bill of sale the detail information of both the buyer and the seller is mentioned. In case of second-hand cars, it is necessary to specify all the details of the seller. It is helpful that seller attaches the invoice that shows where he bought the vehicle.
  • Vehicle information: in Car bill of sale template vehicle details is also mandatory. We all know that if it is not present in it, there may be confusion that the seller referred to another vehicle and the buyer wants another one. It includes the company name, model, color, condition (stated whether the auto is new or like new), engine number, body number, etc. of the vehicle.

Car Bill of Sale Template


bill of sale template for car


car bill of format

Car Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale Template for Car

  • Signature: Sample bill of sale for the car consist the sign of both the buyer and the seller. Sometimes in case of joint ownership signature of the witness is necessary.
  • Any representation or warranties: the terms and condition of the assurance of the vehicle should be mention on it. In case of the seller not issuing any guaranty there is no need to mention it on the Bill of sale form for the car.

With our provided post you will become able to understand How to fill the bill of sale. There is no rocket science in writing up these invoices. But one thing is essential that is nothing can be forgotten while making car bill of sale form. These templates remind you of these points so that you can efficiently create it. Usually, people use to make a bill book from our provided bill of sale template for a car.

How to Fill Bill of Sale

Auto Bill Of SaleWe hope with the help of our post you can understand what bill of sale is. We want to say thanks to you for giving us your precious time on our position. We hope with the help of this post we provide you some vital information about a simple bill of sale for a car to you. We request you to give your valuable feedback to us, with the help of that we can improve our work.