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Before we say any word to you, we want to say thanks to you for visiting our site. Here we regularly bring different templates that help you in various aspects of life. Now in this post, we will talk about Free receipt template. Here we provide different types and design of it. These formats help you to record the cash transaction in a systematic manner. These receipt template word will help you create a receipt for your business or personal financial dealings. Like other free Microsoft Word templates, you’ll be able to open these receipt template and then customize it with your information. After that, you’re ready to print and hand it over.

Here we also provide you many receipt template which is listed below:

  • Invoice receipt template: Invoice is the document which is given by the seller to the buyer as a proof of sale for the seller and purchase for the buyer. Receipt template excel has some essential components like invoice number, the name of the seller or seller’s company, the name of the buyer or its company, date, the amount on which the product is sold out, the name of the product, the quantity of the product, authorized signature or a seal.

Cash Receipt Template

  • Cash Receipt Template: It is a receipt which is generated when we received the cash. Usually, when a business organization receipt cash it creates it, it helps in recording the cash transaction. It consists the receipt number, the date on which amount receipt, the name of the person or company from which the cash is received and who received the money, amount which is received, authorized signatory of the receiver or seal of the company or both. Our provided receipt template PDF help you to generate it, by this, you can get rid of buying it from the market.


  • payment receipt template: It refers to the receipt which is generated when a business organization gets the payment, it doesn’t matter from whom it received the payments. It is different from the cash receipt template word as it contains only the cash transaction, on the other hand, payment receipt template printable records all the payment. Mode of payoff doesn’t matter in this type of revenue. All the content of it is similar to the cash receipt, but it also includes the method of payment.

Simple Receipt Template


Payment Receipt Template



Cash Receipt Template

Free Receipt Template

  • Sales Receipt Template: This receipt is created when a business organization sells its product. It is used for keeping the record of the sale of the particular firm and also considered in paying sales tax. Simple receipt template consist the following information on it such as, receipt number, date on which the transaction occurs, the name of the seller, name of the buyer, type of goods that is sold, quantity of product, rate per piece or pack, total value of the commodity, discount (if applicable), net amount, mode of payment, authorized signatory of the seller.

Here we tried to provide various information about this blank receipt template. We hope with the help of this post you will become aware of the different role of this receipt template free.  Different models are used for different purposes, but here you will get all the receipt template doc. Here we provide it in various file extensions so you can use it according to your need.

Receipt Template Printable


Receipt Template Pdf



Invoice Receipt Template

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