Employee Attendance Sheet Excel Calendar

Are you looking for an Employee Attendance Sheet? Don’t worry here we stop your search and bring it to you. As you know we regularly provide different formats and templates for you, today we bring you Attendance calendar 2018. With the help of that, you can make a record of the attendance of your employees.

Before we provide you with the Daily attendance calendar, we want to explain what is it and for what purpose it can be used. Tracking attendance is a simple activity that helps you in managing participation in the organisation. Attendance sheets help the employer to track the presence and contribution of employees, as well as the absence or tardiness so that they can resolve any problems efficiently. It is also very helpful in distributing salary or wages. You can also use Tracker Template 2018 for tracking visitors to a workplace.

Employee Attendance Sheet 

Most of the employers (or manager) use Attendance Sheet for Employees Excel 2018 not only for collecting information but also for creating a reward system to their employees to emphasize the importance of consistent attendance. Giving monthly or yearly rewards by Monthly Attendance Calendar for best or most-improved participation creates an incentive for promptness. Of course, employees may absent for all kind of reasons, from illness to family obligations, but fostering employee’s active involvement in the attendance process can increase their awareness of its importance. In short, these types of management motivate them to their work.

Maintaining a Printable Employee Attendance Calendar Excel 2018 is very easy if we compare it with manual attendance register. Here you can quickly resize your Yearly attendance calendar, and you can put the name of all your employees at a single place.

Tracker Template 2018


Employee Attendance Sheet Excel

Monthly Attendance Calendar

Employee Attendance Sheet Excel

The best part of this Tracker Sheet 2018 is you can design it according to your choice and need. For example, most of the employer develop their Employee Attendance Sheet Excel shift wise or day wise or on monthly basis or quarterly or yearly basis. With the help of these templates, you can do all the things.

With the help of this Employee Attendance calendar, you can make a database which helps you to know the number of active employees, employees who work hard for the organisation, employees who take responsibilities, who are doing overtime, etc. This database helps you in declaring bonus or incentive for them. According to their work, you can give them refreshment. In short, we can say that with the help of Employee Attendance calendar 2018 you can manage your employees.


Employee Attendance Sheet


Employee Attendance Calendar

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